Report on Immediate Action Programmes Buildings and Transport

Immediate action programmes cannot ensure compliance with climate targets - buildings with a substantial contribution, transport without sufficient ambition even at the outset.

In the report prepared pursuant to § 12 of the Federal Climate Protection Act (KSG), the Council of Experts on Climate Change examines the assumptions underlying the immediate action programmes for the building and transport sectors submitted by the responsible federal ministries on 13.07.2022.

“Arithmetically, the building sector would summarily achieve its emissions target by 2030 if the greenhouse gas reductions indicated by the ministries were to occur in full,” says Hans-Martin Henning, Chair of the Council of Experts on Climate Change. “However, whether the savings can really be realised to this extent seems questionable after our review.” Moreover, he points to the increasing risk of missing the target if the further increase in the compliance gap between the emissions path and the KSG target path is initially accepted and strong reductions are not to be made until the end of the decade. “This also raises the question for the legislator whether this is in line with the intention of the Federal Climate Protection Act.”

“In the transport sector, the overarching climate action programme will have to go considerably beyond the submitted sectoral immediate action programme,” says Brigitte Knopf, Deputy Chair of the Expert Council on Climate Change, and adds: “Otherwise, the sectoral climate target for 2030 could be missed significantly. This could result in critical challenges also with regard to the European targets.”